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Search vs Social Traffic: Which One Holds More Importance?

If you’re a blogger, then you might have once tried to compare the various sources of traffic. In the world of blogging, traffic comes through two means – search and social media platforms. Both the means of traffic is essential for the growth of a blog, but which one is better and holds more importance than the other one?

If you’re having this question in your mind, then don’t worry, I am gonna answer it for you today. In this blog post, we will provide you with several statistics that will show you the importance of both the traffic channels. Along with this, we will also have a complete discussion on why the choice of traffic is different for different blogs.

So, without having further discussions, let’s get started:

1. Backlinko – SEO Blog

Founded by Brian Dean, Backlinko is one of the popular SEO blogs that provide useful information regarding SEO tactics and techniques. He writes only a few pieces of content in a month, but with only these few pieces of content, his blog receives lakhs of visitors in a day.

Looking at his website stats, we found out that backlinks get most of its traffic from search engines and email subscribers. It’s pretty much obvious as SEO is a technical subject that doesn’t perform well on social networks. The search and email traffic constitute about 34% and 7% of the total traffic respectively.

2. Jon Loomer – Facebook Advertising Blog

Despite being a social media marketing blog, it still gets more traffic from search engines than social networks. Jon Loomer is the owner of the blog who specifically shares advanced Facebook marketing tactics on his blog. You would find a lot of useful marketing insights on his blog.

When we look at Jon Loomer’s blog stats, we came to know that most of the traffic comes from search engines which constitutes almost 50% of the total traffic. It has gotten only a tiny percentage of traffic from social media networks that amounts to only 9%.

3. Wait But Why

Wait But Why is another popular blog where you’ll find content about millennial, hipster and greek crowd. Generally, these kinds of blogs do well on social media networks as these blogs tend to share sensational articles on the web.

If we look at their stats, we can clearly find out that they receive more than 40% traffic directly from social media networks. This simply shows that they are pretty much popular on social networks and people mostly find their content on social media networks.

4. Business Insider

Business Insider is a popular news website that generally writes about the latest news and events that happen throughout the world. Most of the traffic comes through social media networks and that’s because of their content that features recent events.

If we look at stats, its social media traffic constitutes a total of 35%, whereas its direct traffic is pretty much low as compared to its social traffic.

What conclusions can be drawn from these Stats?

You might be thinking about why we are sharing these stats and what do they represent? If yes, let me make it simple for you. As you can see that blogs like Backlinko, Wait but Why, and Jon Loomer is getting most of their traffic from search engines which simply depicts their popularity among people.

On the other hand, If we look at the stats of business insider, it doesn’t get much traffic from search engines which simply shows that most people find their content on social networks.

From the above discussion, we can simply conclude that all the marketing channels hold an equal amount of importance and your search and social traffic will receive will depend upon the type of content you’re publishing on your blog.